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Placenta Encapsulation

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What is a doula and the benefits of having a doula

A doula is a trained non-medical professional. Doulas support you mentally, emotionally, physically, and informatively before, during, and after delivery. There are birth, postpartum and bereavement doulas to help you with your pregnancy journey.

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Placenta Encapsulation

Although the CDC warns against ingesting a placenta, there have been both mental and physical benefits reported. Each person has their own unique experience with their placenta. I am here to support you or answer any questions you have. I’m a certified placenta encapsulation specialist. I can make capsules, prints and tinctures, all for a low cost. If you would like more information click below


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I have supervised Jennifer over the past twenty years and found her dedicated and professional. Apart from being an absolute joy to work with, her work is detail-oriented and meticulous as she enjoys taking on challenges. She is able to handle a high volume of work, is well-organized, and fully capable of providing direct patient care on both mother and infant. Over the past 20 years she has demonstrated exceptional knowledge and competence in providing safe quality care to her patients.

Sophia J. Former Manager

Jennifer has served as a night nanny to my 2.5 month old girl since she was 1 week old and has also helped with daytime. She is extremely dependable, always punctual and professional. She is patient and caring with my daughter and has supported me through this newborn phase as a working mother. Jennifer is highly experienced with both new mothers and new babies which is very evident in her ability to manage both with ease. Recently, she began sleep training my daughter (per my request), and had her sleeping over 8 hours stretch at 9 weeks old (without any tears). She has been an incredible help, going out of her way to be available when I need her. I highly recommend her.

Jennifer K. Customer

It's with much pleasure that I am able to recommend Jennifer as a nanny. She has been watching our daughter twice a week for several months. Jennifer is engaging, kind, compassionate, and intelligent. Our daughter gets really excited when we pull up to Jennifer's home. She's a natural talent when it comes to childcare.

Kyle B. Customer

I am thrilled to write this for the wonderful Jennifer. She has been a night nanny for our 2nd child and has been fantastic. We have worked with several night nannies before and she is superb. Jennifer is a kind caretaker, patient, well-educated about infant care, and she brings over a decade of experience. She is also incredibly reliable each and every shift. When I have questions about schedules, sleep training or feedings, she always has researched answers and guidance. She not only provides insight and help needed during the evenings, but whenever I have questions during the day, she answers with generosity and deep care. I could not recommend Jennifer more as a wonderful night nanny.

Rachel J. Customer

I have personally known Jennifer for over 25 years.We have been good friends and enjoy watching each others kids grow up. As long as I have known Jen, she has always been caring and taking care of others. She is very loyal and responsible. I've seen her as a nanny for years and as my kids nanny. I knew she would be the best. I trust her 100%. I recommend Jen to many more families.

Farrah B. Friend

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